UK’s leading Creative Well Being Coach Lou Hamilton uses an innovative process to enable you to build a happier, calmer & more purposeful life by learning how to use the creative part of your brain to beat your fears, anxieties & stress.

According to the findings of Elizabeth Blackburn Phd & Elissa Epel Phd in their book The Telomere Effect, toxic stress is one of the factors in shortening our Telomeres (the caps at the end of our DNA) and shorter Telomeres mean a weakened immune system & that means our bodies are ripe for disease. Stress is the 3rd major cause of cancer after obesity & smoking.

Stress is cause by Fear, and Lou is an Expert Coach on helping you FEAR LESS

Let me help you turn negative thinking into resilient thinking, toxic stress into positive challenge & anxiety into potential energy; by teaming up your creative brain with your logical brain. It’s straight forward when you know how. It’s my job to show you.

Life Coaching Makes the Difference

Coaching via phone or Skype, or for London clients she offers face to face sessions. For a free 30 minute consultation CONTACT  

30% Discount on 5 session Coaching Programme if you are willing to have your progress (anonymously) included as a possible Case Study in her forthcoming book FEAR LESS published by Orion Spring 2018. Offer to be taken up by the end of April and completed by end of June.

For a Monthly Motivational boost take a read of Lou’s Blog. Gift yourself or a loved one Lou’s book  Brave New Girl- How to be Fearless published by Orion Spring. Go to Create Lab for information about Lou’s art, films, books


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